Wedding ring – A symbol of love, commitment, and beauty

Once a relationship develops into marital commitment, the wedding ring is an intricate part. The wedding ring is seen as a sacred symbol of love, commitment, and beauty. It is the ultimate announcement to the person receiving the ring and to the world that a couple is committed to one another for life.

Wedding Rings of the Past and Present

hdhdd874In early times, people used wood or pieces of wire as wedding rings. History credits the Archduke Maximillian of Austria as beginning the tradition of the diamond ring. What a beautiful start of some of the most elegant jewels in the world for a precious reason. Some couples engrave lovely messages for the spouse within the body of the ring. Over time, the brilliance of the diamond and the gold band has dominated wedding ring designs. Wedding rings are sold today in white and yellow gold, titanium, and platinum. This has been a lasting way to express love and affection for centuries. Couples have created wedding rings from a number of materials.

The Meaning of the Wedding Ring

Couples choose the most precious of rings. Some more expensive than others, yet, the gems chosen are special. The commitment is given in many ceremonies by both parties in the double ring ceremony as the commitment of both parties. The wedding ring denotes and unbroken promise to love and to cherish. Each time you look at the wedding ring you wear, remember a person loves you and has committed their life to your well-being.

A Tender Act of Giving

This symbol of love, commitment, and beauty never seems to waver. Each time, any couple gives the wedding ring. The act of giving a ring is revered as a symbol of love, commitment, and beauty. The inclusion of the emerald into the wedding ring equation added flare to this symbol of love, commitment, and beauty. When a person offers their best, this sentiment is somehow enclosed in this beautiful symbol of love.


No matter how much styles change the love a couple shares in giving the wedding ring permeates the hardest heart. Some couples have wedding rings passed down from generation to generation. This symbol of love extends the meaning of one of the world’s most loving gifts. The symbol of permanence and adoration the wedding ring represents has stood the test of the ages, no matter how simple the ring.