How to keep stylish when wearing poncho

Being stylish is to be updated whenever there is a change in the fashion industry. But that attitude may lead you to experience wearing the same style with the other fashionistas. If identity and being different is very important to you, you can consider adding a poncho to your collection for this season.

Common misconception

Ponchos can be a fashion disaster, and that is true, but only if worn improperly. Made of a lot of fabrics and tends to conceal body shape, poncho can look dull and unflattering. But adding a belt, choosing a poncho that has highlighting features (Pockets, or knitted-pattern) can give more texture to the overall look.

Another misconception is that poncho is wearable only in cold weather. The design covers most of the top of the body, but the fabric selection ranges from thick to thin materials. For example, Mexico-designed ponchos offer protection from heat and made of breathable fabrics. After all, Mexicans popularized the wear as a protective clothing against the hot temperature, but today, it is wearable for all seasons.

Hippie look ponchos

poncho888-12If you like wearing hippie bracelets made of woods or rope, matching it up with poncho can add a bolder fashion statement. There is also hooded hippie poncho in the selection to protect you from windy weather.

Hippie ponchos come in many patterns, but the most common ones are diamond and strip. Choose diamond for leaner look, and strip for curvy.

The cotton-made poncho is heavier than the acrylic-made. Choose wisely depending on your mobility. If going to a hippie festival, a cotton-made poncho has a more natural look and thus preferable. Acrylic poncho is more flexible to use. You can wear it during autumn to drink at a cafe without attracting too much attention.

Semi-casual poncho

casual-poncho33A knitted poncho that comes in dark color gives a semi-casual impression. Brown boots and tight long jeans will look nicely if combined with a dark-gray poncho.

For a brighter style, white poncho with large necklace can exaggerate your cheerfulness. You can stand out in this style during a rainy season. When the sky looks dark, your poncho keeps you radiant and protect you from the rain and the wind as well.

During summer, short pants or a skirt looks cute to wear with a poncho. It can also protect your skin from UV. And if you do not want your legs to get exposed to the sun, poncho still looks okay to combine with tights.